The name EuroSlots comes from Slotmachines that are available to play in Euro currency. So they are simply called EuroSlots so that all gamblers that want to play in Euro will know what to look for.

On this site you will find information about EuroSlots and other games like EuroRoulette and EuroBlackjack. You will also find news about Bonuses and Offers available on all Internet Casinos so that you will know where to play online to have the best odds for winning.

EuroSlots is one of the simplest casino games available. The hardest part about EuroSlots is to choose which one to play. There are several hundreds different EuroSlots available from different game providers with different themes. But the basic idea is always the same. That is to choose how many lines you want to play and how much money you should place on each line, useally called coin value. After making the bet you will just have to find the Spin button and hope for the best.


EuroSlots Enchanted
Enchanted is one of Betsofts best EuroSlots. The games is from their Slots3 series which means that superior 3D graphic and design has been used to create the game.
The graphics are even better than prior games from Betsofts Slot3 serie. Both sound and animation in Enchanted is state of the art and makes the game play very smooth and captivating. One of the best feature in this EuroSlot is the bonus game where you meet the lovely princess Feera and the ogre Rufus. To win money you should help Feera to rescue her birds and restore order to the magic forest! Simply a great EuroSlot! Read more about Enchanted EuroSlots

Jackpot 6000

EuroSlots Jackpot 6000
Jackpot 6000 is a very popular EuroSlot that has been around for several years. The Slot is very retro and have the look and feel of an old machine that could be found in the old part of Las Vegas rather than on the high stakes casinos at the Strip. But the simple design makes it relly easy to use as it has very few paylines and just seven buttons. The lowest bet is 0,10 Euro so it can be very cheap to play and the maximum bet is 10 Euro.
If you are looking for a simple and fun EuroSlot that has good payback then you should check out Jackpot 6000. Read more about Jackpot 6000 EuroSlots

Ghost Pirates

EuroSlots Ghost Pirates
If you want to feel like the pirate Jack Sparrows then we suggest that you check out the cool EuroSlot Ghost Pirates. The theme is of course pirates and hidden treasures that you need to find. The Skull symbol acts as a Wild symbol and is replaced with all other symbols to create a winning line. There are up to 243 ways to win so you can expect many wins of you choose to bet on all the lines. But the more lines you choose the bet is of course higher. But so are the winnings! The lowest bet is 0,01 Euro and the highest is 62,50 Euro. So regardless if you are a High Roller or a Low Roller Ghost Pirates is the right game for you. Read more about Ghost Pirates EuroSlots

Icy Wonders

EuroSlots Icy Wonders
Icy Wonders is a nice EuroSlot where you meet well dressed penguins that loves fish and who does anything to win. There a no less than 2 different Jackpots in Icy Wonder called Wonder and Mega Wonder. The biggest Jackpot is of course Mega Wonder and for the moment the value is 420 000 Euro. You win the Mega Jackpot if you get five star symbols in a row on a payed line. The Wonder Jackpot is won if you get 2 stars in a row. This increases the chance to win but the jackpot is then a bit lower. A very nice game that will give you plenty of fun while chasing the big win. Good luck! Read more about Icy Wonders EuroSlots

Mega Fortune

EuroSlots Mega Fortune
Mega Fortune is one of the most famous Jackpot EuroSlots you can find at online casinos. It has been around for several years and have generated many millionaires around the world. The Jackpot is a so called Pooled Jackpot that means that all wagers that are made on the game contributes to the Jackpot value. So for every bet a small portion is added to the Jackpot fund until someone has the luck to win. The Jackpot is even pooled between all different casinos that offer the game. So you will find the same Jackpot value regardless if you play on Betsson or Mr Green. Read more about Mega Fortune EuroSlots